Team Mission

Barron is proud to offer a successful team program for those gymnasts who show the desire and talent to compete. Our goal is for each of our athletes to reach their highest potential in gymnastics in a safe and positive environment. They then have those tools to pursue other goals whether in sport or life. We are proud of our mission of “Building Skills for Life” and live by it daily. We are about building your child as an athlete as well as a person. Barron competitive gymnasts are taught dedication, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, self worth, goal setting, and self-confidence that they will continue to use throughout their athletic and academic careers. All programs are by invitation but if your child has a desire to compete please contact our front desk to see what opportunities we have for your child.


When taught properly, a gymnast can build skills for life, not only phyiscally but mentally. As a result, it encourages a lifetime enjoyment of physical health and fitness. Some physical attributes include: strength, flexibility, kinesthetic awareness, muscle control. endurance, agility, balance and grace. The mental attributes we hope to develop are sportsmanship, an enrichment of self-worth, self-esteem, goal setting, determination, and dedication.

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The team program competes with our governing USA Gymnastics. We currently offer levels 4-10. The team environment is designed to bring out the best each child has to offer while still maintaining the element of fun. We teach the athletes how to get the most out of their gymnastics ability and to build like skills. The team gymnasts participate in a Journaling program that teaches mental toughness for sport and life.

Training Team and Pre Team

When the traditional “one class per week” isn’t enough for your child, it’s time for the next big step in our sport. This means longer instructional training sessions, more time on the apparatus, and competitions. Pre Team and Training Team gymnasts compete levels 2-4 skills and routines. Gymnasts are selected from our elite junior and girls instructional program. The Training Team and Pre Team gymnast compete in the Achievement League competitions, which provide a great positive introduction into our sport.