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We are excited to offer our exclusive Ribbon & Star Incentive Program for our students. The Ribbon and Star posters provide students with rewards and incentives for learning new skills. The program provides parents with a simple way to monitor their child’s progress.

The children will love getting the posters, ribbons and stars. Parents will see how the program not only teaches gymnastics, but increases self-worth and self-esteem and teaches their children valuable goal-setting skills. This program gives students a chance for their improvements and hard work to be recognized.

All children will receive a poster to take home to display. The poster lists skills that are appropriate for the child’s ability level and match a curriculum skills sheet that the instructors have on each child.

There are separate curriculums and posters for all levels in the following programs:

Juniors Gymnastics                      Girls Gymnastics                 Boys Gymnastics

Parent & Tot                                   Tramp & Tumble                 Back Handspring

In order to assure progress and success, the skills at each level have been broken down into achievable steps. Throughout the year we will have Ribbon & Stars show me weeks in which the children will perform for their teachers the skills they have been learning. Students will only be evaluated in their scheduled class on the dates listed below. During Ribbon & Stars distribution week all students will be given stars to put on their poster for all skills mastered and ribbons when all skills have been achieved for an event.

When the poster is filled the child is ready to advance to the next level. Our front office will contact you to assist in moving your child to the next level. Students who are missing up to 3 skills in the Junior program or up to 6 skills in all other programs are considered early evaluation students. These students will be evaluated and moved to the next level at any time. This procedure avoids students moving to the next level before they are ready, but yet allows them the chance for mobility on a weekly basis.

Ribbon & Star Evaluation Months:

January  •  April  •  July  •  October

Ribbon & Star Show Me Weeks:

The first two full weeks of the evaluation month.

Ribbon & Star Late Evaluation Weeks for students absent during Show Me Weeks:

The third and forth weeks of the evaluation month.

Ribbon & Star Distribution Week:

The forth week of the evaluation month.

To see the exact dates of Ribbon And Stars Evaluation Weeks see our online calendar.