The Tumbling for Teens program is for students 7th grade and older who have an interest in tumbling. Students work towards individual goals with an emphasis on Round-Offs, Back Handsprings, Front Tumbling, and Back Tumbling.  Great class for cheerleaders!

The gym is equipped with state of the art equipment designed to help increase tumbling proficiency. Equipment includes: 2 spring floors, 2 in-ground trampolines, a 30’ long tumble trampoline, large free foam pits, resi-mat, mini-tramps, an air floor strip, as well as, a temprec tumbling strip that will help transfer tumbling from a spring surface to a surface resembling what a cheerleader might perform on.

7th Grade and Older, co-ed (1 hour)

This class is for students in 7th grade and older for all levels, students are grouped by ability.  Students will learn front and back power tumbling including multiple back handsprings, front handsprings, and front and back flips.