Barron is proud to offer a NEW acro program for those athletes who show the desire and talent to compete. Our goal is for each of our athlete to reach their highest potential in acro in a safe and positive environment. They then have those tools to pursue other goals whether in sport or life. We are proud of our mission of “Building Skills For Life” and live by it daily. We are about building your child as an athlete as well as a person. Barron competitive acro is taught through dedication, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, self worth, goal setting, and self-confidence that they will continue to use throughout their athletic and academic careers. All programs are by invitation, but if your child has a desire to compete please contact our front desk to see what opportunities we have for your child.


Arco challenges the athletes’ physical ability, while instilling in him or her the profound and lifelong values of trust and teamwork. While other gymnasts might handstand on the bars or beam, acrobats find themselves balancing on their teammates feet, hands or shoulders. In each partnership the acrobats different sizes and ability will be balanced to compliment each other in order to carry out the complex skills. Some acrobats will mainly carry out supporting and pitching roles, and are known as bases. They are then balanced with smaller acrobats who become the “tops”. The beauty of this sport is that there is always a place for everyone in acro.

Any questions? Please contact us at (314) 892-6909 or [email protected].