Look no further for the best summer activities in St. Louis! Barron Gymnastics has it ALL! 

  1. Easy make ups- If you miss due to vacation or a summer activity, do NOT worry! Make up in another class.
  2. Five Hour Friday Camps- Ninja, Pirates & Princesses, Nerf Wars… we have it ALL! Kids 3 years and older can attend! Moms- Get your nails done, go shopping, or just take a nap!
  3. Don’t lose your skills! You have worked too hard. Instead, learn new ones during our 8 week summer schedule. Practice Makes Perfect!
  4. Stay cool while feeling the burn of getting stronger. All of our activities provide total body exercise while in the comfort of our air conditioning rather than the hot sun!
  5. Get evaluated in the summer so you can keep tracking your skills and have the opportunity to move up.
  6. NO enrollment fee!
  7. Experience a new program by taking a tumbling or trampoline class!
  8. Specialized tumbling and trampoline clinics that focus on the skills that you will LOVE to learn. Our clinics are great to go along with your weekly classes or as an alternative to a weekly class.
  9.  Circus clinic- yep…we are that fun! Join the circus without having to be a bearded lady or tame the lions!
  10.  Flipping is Fun!!!!


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