• Barron Gymnastics Preschool ClassesBoys and girls are combined
  • The curriculum includes learning skills on vault, bars, beam and floor. The equipment is specialized to fit their size and needs.
  • In addition to the vault, bars, beam and floor they also use the trampoline, tumble tramp, mini tramp, resi pit, free foam pit, rope climb and lind climb.
  • Creative warm-ups start each class hour to motivate and fascinate children.
  • Educational and holiday themes to educate children through fitness and learning are incorporated into our weekly lesson plans.
  • Lesson plans include return stations at each event to allow for independent learning and movement.
  • All Juniors receive posters to track their progress and educate parents and students about the curriculum.
  • Students will be evaluated throughout the year; “Ribbon and Star Incentive Program.”
  • Students receive weekly stamps or stickers on their stamp cards as an incentive for good behavior and attendance. Their own personal stamp card will be sent home at the completion of our Ribbon and Star Show Me Weeks.
  • Teachers are professionally trained and safety certified for the benefit of your child.

benefits of preschool gymnastics

2012 Summer Schedule

June 4, 2012 – August 1, 2012
Classes offered one day per week, one full hour per day.
Keep your evenings free—sign up for daytime Junior classes and Saturday morning classes.


14 Months to 3 Years or until ready for an independent program without parent participation. The program is directed by Julie Barron – K.A.T. certified teacher (Kinder accreditation for teachers). This course focuses on preschool gymnastics, child development, lesson planning and teaching methodology.


Boys and girls age 3  (must be potty trained). For new students or students who have not completed the Little Juniors Program.


Boys and girls ages 4 thru Kindergarten for new students or students who have not completed the Kinder Junior Program.


Boys and girls ages 3 thru Kindergarten who have completed the Little Juniors or Kinder Juniors Program.


Boys & girls ages 3 thru Kindergarten who have completed the Advanced Junior Program.